Sunday, August 15, 2010

Princess Tea Party

For our family reunion this year we had all sorts of different activities one of the activities was a princess tea party. I was in charge of this activity. I was inspired by Skip to My Lou blog. She has some darling witches shoes. I thought why not just change them a little and make them into princess shoes. They turned out so cute and fit right along with my other decor and party
favors. If you would like you can view her template at

If you are planning to host a princess party here are some ideas of things to do. First off most girls love getting their hair, nails, and make up done. I set up a table just their size and decorated with jewelry and big mirrors so they could see what you are doing. I had tons of pictures of different hair styles to choose from. I had another table for make-up and nails. The girls loved it. While I was preparing lunch, the girls got into their dresses and played "Pretty, Pretty Princess". For lunch we had princess crown shaped sandwiches and grapes, waffle cookies, jello, carrots, and pink lemonade. After they were finished eating we headed to the palace for story time. We read some princess books and then headed to the ball. The little girls just loved dancing around. They looked like they were in princess heaven.


  1. The shoes are gorgeous!! What a fun tea party, you need a daughter:)

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I might have to try those shoes for Halloween.


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