Sunday, December 20, 2009

Halloween Costumes

We likes to have a theme for our Halloween costume. This year we were Curious George, Man in the Yellow Hat, and Banana. I bought the monkey costume at DI for $3.00. Then I bought some white pants at DI as well and dyed them yellow and use one of my husband's old white shirts and did the same thing. Our Walmart cut back on their fabric so the only stiff fabric they had was white, so I thought I could dye it as well but it wouldn't absorb the dye. I ended up spray painting the fabric. I was worried that it would rub of on stuff but it did. I got my husband's hat at the dollar store and painted it yellow and put a black ribbon around it. It was an easy year for Halloween costumes and they were fun to make.

Redid some couches

My husband's parents gave us a couch and my sister-in-law gave us a love seat. I went to a Home Fabric store. They had some fabric for 3.00 yard. I redid the two couches for 65 bucks. It was a fun project and I couldn't have done it without my sister-in-law and my husband they were a lot of help. The first thing we did is took all of the old fabric off. We got it all down to the wooden frame. We started with the bottom, then the arms, then the front of the back, and at last the back. Then we used the old cushions as a pattern so we knew what size to make them. That is it! It was a lot of work and it took two days to cover it and two days to cover the cushions. Well here are the pictures! Tell me what you think!



I haven't gotten the feet on yet. But I will.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween and Thanksgiving Craft Pillow

Thanks to my aunt Diane and the Holiday Craft magazine (I think August 2009) for this fun craft. The pattern was in the Holiday Craft magazine. It was a pretty fast and fun craft I put it together in 2 days. The pattern said to use wool felt, but where I live fabric like that is hard to find. The stores only had basic colors. So I decided to use cotton and minke for the tooth. I think it turn out pretty good. It was so fun I decided to make my own pattern for a turkey pillow. I am working on a snowman one so come back and check it out.

Duck Bathroom

This last weekend I went over to my sister-in-laws house to help her decorate. She wanted to use some of the same stuff that she had in her old house. One of the rooms we decorated was the little boys bathroom. She all ready had the duck theme before but we add vinyl lettering and made some picture frames. We painted the picture frames and added scrapbook paper and put a glaze over top. We also painted half of the wall yellow and added a chair rail. I think the bathroom turned out really cute!

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