Monday, May 17, 2010

Card Table Tent

The projects continue of not turning out the way I image them. This was a fun and easy project but because of short supplies it did not turn out as well as I would of liked. I started with 4 panels of 29X36 and 1 panel of 36X36. But I didn't have enough gray to do the spiky things so I thought I could cut some off the bottom and put grass. But it look weird with too much grass so my husband suggested adding the water. But then I couldn't make the door look right and etc. The spiky things were floppy so I added cotton and they stand up a lot better. Then I add magnets to the door so it can open and close easily. After is was finished and was tired of changing things, I decided that my boy still loves to play in it and that is all that matters. Here how it turned out, my card table tent!

Making Modest Swimming Suits

I have been looking for a swimming suit that covers my body but is not one piece. When I put on one pieces my hips are wider than my upper body and it just pull the swimming suit all weird. So I went shopping to find a tankini, but they all showed my love handles. I walked by Motherhood and (no I am not pregnant) but I thought that they might have some long enough. Most of their swimming suits were wider but this one was tighter fitting but it showed my chest. It was the best that I could find in my price range and I thought I could get fabric to cover the hole. Went to get fabric and it was 13.99 a yard. I decided to go to DI (a second hand store) to see if they had any old swimming suits. In the little girl's section I found the pink swimming suit. It was prefect too because it was all ready hemmed so it look nice and neat. I used the back of the little girls swimming suit and cut to the size I needed and tack it in three spots. I think it turned out pretty good.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Barbie Clothes take 2

Still not good enough to sell but I am getting better. My husband is so goofy sometimes. I took multiple pictures of the doll so I could get good lighting and stuff like that. He asked me, "Why did you take so many pictures, did barbie blink? What a goof ball!I really liked this dress. It went together really quickly but the back was a little short for velcro so I had to a small strip in the back so not quite there yet.

I think this is my favorite so far. It was a lab coat but I took it in, made the sleeves short. The problem with dress is, because I took it in the jacket is a little harder to get on. So children would to have to have adults help and that's no good. Second thing that went wrong the dress was to plain when I finished it so I add the ribbon and it's not attached very well. When making barbie clothes I have found that adding the details first it's much easier.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quiet Book: Page 14 and Printable Patterns

Page 14 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 13 and Printable Patterns

Page 13 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 12 and Printable Patterns

Page 12 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 11 and Printable Patterns

Page 11 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 10 and Printable Patterns

Page 10 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 9 and Printable Patterns

Page 9 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 8 and Printable Patterns

Page 8 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 6 and Printable Patterns

Page 6 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 7 and Printable Patterns

Page 7 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 5 and Printable Patterns

Page 5 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 4 and Printable Patterns

Page 4 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 3 and Printable Patterns

Page 3 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 2 and Printable Patterns

Page 2 of Quiet Book

Quiet Book: Page 1 and Printable Patterns

Page 1 of Quiet Book.

Quiet Book: Cover and Printable Patterns

Quiet Book

First and last page of the quiet book.

Page 2-3 6-7 10-11

Page 4-5 8-9 12-13

Coming soon are the printable instructions and close up pictures.
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