Sunday, December 20, 2009

Redid some couches

My husband's parents gave us a couch and my sister-in-law gave us a love seat. I went to a Home Fabric store. They had some fabric for 3.00 yard. I redid the two couches for 65 bucks. It was a fun project and I couldn't have done it without my sister-in-law and my husband they were a lot of help. The first thing we did is took all of the old fabric off. We got it all down to the wooden frame. We started with the bottom, then the arms, then the front of the back, and at last the back. Then we used the old cushions as a pattern so we knew what size to make them. That is it! It was a lot of work and it took two days to cover it and two days to cover the cushions. Well here are the pictures! Tell me what you think!



I haven't gotten the feet on yet. But I will.


  1. That is impressive!!! They look fantastic. I'm glad to see you're finally updating your blog again. Make a button so I can link you up to my sidebar at my site. Good work!

  2. I like this. I have a arm chair that I bought that has great shape but ulgy as ever, I have been a little afraid of it so you will have to give me some advise on how to do it!


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