Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween and Thanksgiving Craft Pillow

Thanks to my aunt Diane and the Holiday Craft magazine (I think August 2009) for this fun craft. The pattern was in the Holiday Craft magazine. It was a pretty fast and fun craft I put it together in 2 days. The pattern said to use wool felt, but where I live fabric like that is hard to find. The stores only had basic colors. So I decided to use cotton and minke for the tooth. I think it turn out pretty good. It was so fun I decided to make my own pattern for a turkey pillow. I am working on a snowman one so come back and check it out.


  1. I love your new blog! You are so talented and crafty and I think this will be perfect for you! I got the Frankie pillow that Kristie sent me and I LOVED it! You guys did a great job with the pillows! Don't worry if I have a project you know I will definitely ask! Good luck with your new projects I will definitely be lurking!

  2. cool! I think you will do a great job. I hope it goes well. I will check in to see if you have any new ideas.

  3. Love the blog - so super cute. I will be checking back often. The pillows are so adorably, I need to make me some! I'm picturing easter eggs, valentine hearts, fireworks . . . you could go crazy with this! Can you scan in the patterns?


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